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“My husband and I have been working with Campbell Gray Design since 2015 when we purchased our condo at 10 E Delaware. I am happy to say that we have been more than pleased with the results. John helped us with demolition, planning and design, contractor selection, furniture selection and the final touches that make an apartment a home.

John and his team possess all the qualities a client could wish for. John is creative and innovative regarding all aspects of the design process. He has high standards for himself and for anyone he engages in the process. His integrity is unquestionable. Every member of his team is trustworthy and a pleasure to work with.

John listens to the client, is helpful in every way he can be, and delivers what he promises. We would use Campbell Gray Design again and we would recommend others to engage his services.” 

-Jay and Jane Ward

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“Eighteen years ago I met John Gray at his home décor and design store in Lakeview. Since that time, he has designed, furnished, tweaked, updated, constructed, advised and nurtured one single family home, three condos (including working from pre-plans on combining two units at 10 East. Delaware), three offices, and a vacation home in Michigan (twice!) for my family and me. There is a reason John has continued to do work for us for this many years; plain and simple, he is uniquely talented and perceptive. His designs are always on the mark, he will take charge and make things happen that you cannot even imagine could happen, he is intuitive about the personal nature of how a home or office will be used, and he stands behind everything that he does. He has the highest of expectations for himself and his staff, and for any third party he uses. He is hands on and responsive. The end of the project is not the end of the relationship; he always checks in and comes over and gives the “tweak”!”

-Sheri Simon

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“I want to thank you and your incredible team for your expertise and dedication to my design needs. From unpacking and organizing and making my new condo look like a home in just a few days, to taking the time to get to know me and my style and eventually customizing my condo into a dream home, you’ve done it all. Your work is impeccable and your love of what you do comes through in it all. It’s been a joy working with such a professional, knowledgeable group of people. I will highly recommend Campbell Gray Designs to my friends.”

-Lisa Sullivan & Kevin Gadus

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“Please allow this letter to serve as my recommendation for John Gray and his team at Campbell Gray Design. l am currently updating my new condominium in Chicago. The place is turning out perfectly. I’m so fortunate to have met John. He is an all around great guy. He is creative, understands budgets, and knows how to get things done in this city. That is a great asset to me as l’m new in town. John and his team are completely trustworthy. I travel often and can’t always be home when items are being delivered or people are working in my place. John and his staff coordinate everything with the building management when I’m not available. John personally makes sure that everything is installed and completed perfectly. Coming from a family of general contractors and designers, l really can’t say enough about this wonderful group of people. I feel like I’m working with my own family members.”

-Stacy Sternberg

“Not knowing the first thing about hiring a designer, I met with the first two, listened to their pitches, and looked at their portfolios. I wasn’t particularity impressed with either. I met John Gray and was expecting the same type of presentation of “how great he was” and “how fantastic and wonderful” his work was, “just look at all this beauty in my portfolio photos”, but no! John did not talk about himself. He did talk about his work, but said he’d rather show me in person than in photos. More importantly he said, “tell me about yourself and your family” and “tell me how you plan to use your condo.” He said he didn’t want to discuss what he would do with the place until he knew more about us. That was intriguing to me, as he wasn’t selling, he was asking and he was interested. So, I met with John twice more, looked at more homes he had designed, had him meet with my wife too, and then we agreed that we would kind of “hire” each other for the job”

-Kevin and Rosemary Filter

“My wife and I purchased an ‘in town’ condo in the city. Our building is one of the hottest in the Gold Coast,  we couldn’t have been happier with the area, and all the building had to offer. Unfortunately, when we went to decorate and furnish our unit, we found out we had no idea how to take a beautiful space and make it look like the magazine photo we were looking for.

“Enter Campbell Gray Design. From the moment they walked in for our consultation, their eyes quickly went to work on the space. They assessed what we did, and countered with intuitive and intelligent suggestions on how to make the space more of the up-scale, yet livable condo we had in mind. From the paint color, to adding electric and cabinets… they made our condo the most coveted in the building in its unit size. When finished, it was literally a work of art. We are amazed every time we are there. Campbell Gray  put their professional touch to make our living experience at our ‘in town’, one of elegance and sophistication with the feel of a swanky boutique hotel. Investing in their capabilities was as smart as our purchase of the property itself.”

-Dan and Zira Defino

“Honestly, no bullshit and no exaggeration, John is amazing.  I loved this house since the first time I walked through its door. I can’t believe it, but [Campbell Gray Design] raised it to a whole new and up until now, unimaginable level.  I think God really gives different people different gifts to use in their lives and this is definitely John’s.  He made our world a better place. We really are speechless. Just Fantastic!”

-Dan Kirk and Brian Wolff

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“John is such a creative spirit. Not only would he visualize an amazing, original and tasteful design for a space, but would work like mad to execute his plans. John made his spectacular visions into a reality with relentless hard work and perfection. If the end product ever wasn’t absolutely perfect, he was back on the job to get that last detail just right.”

“John has a knack for understanding and working with a client’s personal tastes, budget and needed functionality. He delivered a striking design time and time again that was original and fresh, but still very representative of me and my family’s personality. John has an eye for timeless, clean design, and it was so fun to work with him as he created with us.”

-Mark and Melanie Rubino

“I could not wait to tell [John] that we were IN LOVE with everything. I am delighted with all the details, notes, flowers, supplies and all your love and care.  I have never seen such a thing in my whole life! The kids are shouting and jumping and Rodolpho is lost for words” 

-Rodolpho and Cristiana Protasio